The Japanese used car is sold now for all parts of the world.
There is not only the car but also the truck in that.
There are various kinds of types with a truck in one word, but small size and medium-sized demand supply increase.
A flat body, a van body, a frozen refrigerator car, a mixer car, a useless thing car, a double cab are traded for a kind well.
The mileage is not only the thing which hardly runs.
The thing which 200,000 kilos can reach is traded.
When it becomes old, and the mileage increases, it is apt to be thought whether a state is generally bad, but the thing which has been got on carefully is in condition to be able to run still more.
In addition, there is much demand by just that much led by a developing country because the price becomes reasonable.
There are a lot of not only the thing owned by an individual but also things used for duties.
Therefore I will often see what advocate a Japanese company name or logo abroad, and run.
By the TV programs to go to the overseas remote place for, I can see the scene where Japanese used cars are used for as a means of transportation well.
The mileage increases, and a part becomes dented, and there is much that a truck is parted with for a reason to say that years pass, but they are products popular still more in the used car market.

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