The high quality of the Japanese used car is recognized about business plan to sell a Japanese used car all over the world.
I am used more than ten years, and the car to be more than mileage 100,000 kilos is traded at a high price abroad.
Our site made it possible that an individual exported those cars at home.
A plane and heavy industrial machine, bus, truck-based not to mention a general vehicle
More cars are necessary at the rising nation.
Many buyers and brokers are looking for a Japanese car abroad.
The existence that I want "a reliable Japanese exporter" for them so that a hand appears from a throat.
In many cases, a request "will look for such a car?" comes regularly when business is established once.
The export of around ten a month is enabled at an early stage if it can happen.
In late years Africa, Southeast Asia, the export of rising nation other parties including South America have begun to just become active.
I can build the network with the overseas supplier even right now as an exporter if I use the Internet.
It is the big strength of this plan that the business with the big future is launched with a low risk as business.